Bernard Rauch: artist, musician, long time political activist

Driftwood Salon Art Gallery, San Francisco

Bern standing in front of one of his paintings that was chosen for the 9/11 Realism Show
at the former Driftwood Salon Art Gallery. The Driftwood is one of many SOMA galleries
that San Francisco has lost.

This painting was selected for the 9/11 Realism Show.

Studio Visit with Bern Rauch - Curator's statement: "Bern Rauch takes months to complete each piece, and he paints like he means it. There is no one else like him. His technique is unheard of, in fact, apparently he invented it. It's a weird and stunning combination of airbrushing to soften the focus, and adding layers and layers of a clear gel medium from Golden Paints, (who I'm convinced will want to use Bern's art to advertise their product, since no one else uses it this way) for texture and dimension, which makes for the most unsual looking surface, and that's not even the content matter!... Bern was a part of the foundation for this show, and the true reason why we decided to curate this commemorative show for this year's ten year mark of the 9/11/2001 tragedy,"

Asheville Art Museum, North Carolina

Bernard Rauch · Television
1968 ca, Stone Sculpture, 50.12 x 34.75 x 22 inches

Gift of Robert B. Mayer Memorial Collection, the sculpture, "'televsion" is part of the Asheville Art Museum museum's Permanent Collection. 1976.04.7.31.

The two-sided TV sculpture was one of the first sold to a serious collector when Bern was in art school. The "TV has two sides, each based popular TV shows of the 60's where characters wore masks. The side shown depicts outlaws wearing mask and the other side has a doctor and nurse wearing surgical masks.

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